Old school blogging. You know, if you blogged pre 2005

Yeah there were blogs waaaay back then. I started my first one in 2001, on blogger. Those were the days. 

Y brought up (yes I just linked to someone and it's not about a giveaway, or an affiliate link, or MY BRAND, or any of that other bullshit) what people miss about the "old school" days of blogging.

Things like:

  • Wonkboards
  • Comments - to really comment, not comments because someone is giving away something and you want free shit
  • Blog Skins - back in the day when you get buy one get one for $99 bucks (kill me now!)

  • Blogrolls
  • Having fun


  • Not caring about branding or marketing strategies
  • Connecting with real people. Community

That's probably the biggest thing for a lot of people who responded. That community. The core group of bloggers that you really go to know. That you truly cared about and enjoyed reading them. 

I'm thankful today some of those same bloggers are people I've stayed in contact with but never met in person. I do wish though that some of that old school blog stuff came back. 

Dog Patella Surgery: 12 weeks

It's been 12 weeks since Bionic Frosty

The first few days were really rough. He was in pain and highly uncomfortable but I was a mess. 

He was freaking amazing and hopped around, did his business and just wanted to snuggle. 

The progress he made was quick and by day 3 he was already putting weight on his leg.  We went in for 6 rounds of cold laser therapy followed by a lot of physical therapy. 

By 7 weeks post-op he was ready to go. And go! And never stop again. This was probably the hardest part for him. He was feeling great and it seemed like it was hard for him to understand why he had to be in the crate and why we carried him up and down the stairs and why the hell couldn't he fetch the dog damn ball already lady.

It's not like you can tell them. You just have to do what is best for them and if that isn't fucking hard when all you want to do is make them happy. He's my heart and to see him so down and depressed made me hurt. I know he's a dog, I know. But don't tell me I can't feel what I do about my dog because I do and my feelings aren't wrong dammit!

Somewhere during this time we decided to make the stupidest decision and adopt a puppy. That kept Frosty on his toes and it might have actually helped him perk up a bit more because "WHERE IS THE PUPPY? I CAN NOT NOT SEE THE PUPPY FOR ONE SINGLE SECOND!"

It helped that she was so freaking adorable.

So the weeks went on, until finally today. 

Today is the day Frosty is all clear and gets to go back to his favorite thing in life. 


The boy is obsessed and taking this break only made the obsession that much stronger. 

Being able to do THIS again, made it all worth it.

A life without his ball would be no life at all. 

Bionic Frosty

I dropped Frosty off at the vet a little while ago.  Today he's getting surgery for an ACL injury plus Patella Luxation.

That basically means a whole lot of torture is in store for him over the next few months because he's not going to be able to play, or run, or have much fun.  He's been on crate for over a month already and it's hard on him.

It's also hard on me. Maybe more so.

40 Bags in 40 Days

I started this challenge before I knew it was a challenge.  

The idea is simple and I guarantee it will make you feel better.

A forty day period in the spring (coinciding with the 40 days of Lent) where you focus on cleaning one area per day. In this one area you challenge yourself to declutter, simplify, decrapify, and get rid of things you don’t need. The goal is one bag a day but you can have more or less.

All that stuff. Stuff you don't even think about, weighs you down. It not only clutters your house, but your life and your mind. 

This decluttering stuff is refreshing. Perfect for this time of year when Spring is right around the corner (it is, I promise!)

I happened to start this past week with our pantry and our master bathroom (drawers and closet). That came out to be a total of 6 bags. Being OCD, I'm going to try to not really focus on the number of bags, but the spaces that are being decluttered. 

Got questions? Get answers.

Let me know if you plan on playing along. I'd love to follow your progress.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

One month ago, this sweet gentle and precious little girl named Ava Belle came to live with us as our new foster dog.

She is really a little thing, weighing only 13 pounds. She fits right in, size wise with Dew and Frosty. The vet estimated her to be no more than 2 years old. She is also completely deaf and mostly blind -- she can see light and some shadows, but for the most part she can't see at all.

When she arrived, having never had a special needs dog, I was pretty scared. Then I realized, more than scared, I was really angry.

What sort of low life drops off a deaf/blind dog in a shelter? What sort of asshole breeds merles together with the likelihood of 25% of the puppies being blind, deaf or both? How do they even sleep at night?

I was angry for Ava. What a cruel fate for such a precious soul.

It wasn't fair.

She deserved better.

I quickly learned though, that she is the most amazing and resilient dog...neither upset nor bothered by her circumstances.

She lives completely in the moment.

I could learn a lot from her...we all can.

As far as she knows, we are all the same, in every way. She isn't different. She is exactly the same as every other dog she meets.

She loves people.

She loves cuddles.

She loves cookies.

She loves running around in the yard.

She loves meeting other dogs.

She loves hanging with her people.

She is smart, and vibrant, and happy, and so full of life.

Her forever home is going to be with a very special family. One that will hold her dear and never betray her, for she loves and trusts with her whole heart.

For now...she is ours and we are hers.

Every day I am thankful for her. She reminds me to be patient, to trust myself and others, to love unconditional. And most of all, to let go of fear...because what's the worst that can happen? You run into a pole, bounce off and keep on going.

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